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Home to a variety of unique art forms, borne out of the diverse range of culture in Bengal, the state attracts art connoisseurs from all over the globe. From embroidery to sculpture, sketching to metal crafts, the art and craft culture of Bengal has a unique rustic and mystic charm about it. The most celebrated form of embroidery, Kantha is used on Saris, Dhotis, and Kurtas. The colourful and intrinsically created pieces of clothing are best used on Cotton and Silk and are widely used by foreigners and worn by natives alike. The terracotta craft of Bengal offers a more rural and pastoral charm. A visual treat due to its natural colours, these clay modelled items first became a craze more than 500 years ago and are still used by locals and foreigners for decorative purposes. The art of engraving ornamental images on natural shells obtained from the ocean is known as Conch Shell Craft. Found and sold in infinite quantities at beach destinations, theseglamorous looking decorative pieces are extremely auspicious in Hindu mythology. Scroll Painting, a rare form of art that comes from regions of eastern India, particularly West Bengal, originated centuries back. An important device through which Oral and Written Epics are narrated; scroll paintings feature single image paintings or long vertical multi panelled scrolls known as Patachitra. Dokra Metal Craft is one of the most popular forms of art practiced in Bengal. This rare art is the practice of creating statues, idols, jewellery and other pieces with the help of clay, wax and molten metal. The unique feature of this craft is that it is completely original and no complete replica of it can be produced. Bankura Horses made from terracotta is considered auspicious in West Bengal. They are used during Bengali festivals and can be found adorned in any Bengali household. Sholapith craft is a milky white sponge wood that is used for crafting decorative pieces. Sholapith is popularly used to craft head wears of bridal couples, garlands, and images of gods and goddesses especially as backdrops during important festivals.

Last updated on: Monday, 2nd May, 2022
Information Source: Department of Information & Cultural Affairs(I&CA), Government of West Bengal
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